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The Full Story


We had founded Flux7 Labs, a cloud and DevOps services company in 2013. Over many accidental learnings we were able to grow the business till an acquisition by NTT Data Services in 2019. There were many missteps along the way, and there were many things we wish we had known earlier if we had the right guidance. While we are very happy with our journey and our outcome, we believe it could have been accelerated by a few years if we had this guidance. In 2022, we decided to create the resources we wish we had available to us when we were running Flux7. Hence, Vixul was born

Image by Robert Wiedemann


Make available to Emerging Technology Services (ETS) founders the resources they need to:

  • Scale faster

  • Achieve the highest valuations for tech services startups

  • Increase their chances of success


Vixul accelerates your learning so you know what you don’t know or need to learn. Through stories, you learn the kind of problems you can face and the opportunities that are available.  The network you build can lead to formal advisory relationships and long term friendships. 

Image by SpaceX
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