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What's New From Vixul: Highlights from VixulCon 2024

The second annual VixulCon was on May 18-19 in Austin, Texas. You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard people’s experiences, and are sad to have missed playing with the goats. Over the coming weeks we'll share clips and highlights from the event to further our mission to share knowledge and build the ecosystem for early-stage emerging tech services startups.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick roadmap of what to expect from the Vixul ecosystem next.

Vixie - Our AI Chat Bot

Vixul is committed to equipping emerging tech services founders with education and guidance. Followers of our blog know of the content we’re putting out there. But we also have many internal guides and templates, boot camp recordings, guest speakers, and other community-exclusive knowledge assets. Our extensive knowledge base is available to early-stage ETS founders to solve their problems.

To help make it easier to consumer and use this deep content, we are launching our chatbot Vixie. Vixie is trained on all Vixul content created so far and can find what’s most relevant to your questions. We will enhance Vixie to provide more advice and guidance specific to early-stage ETS companies. Currently, Vixie is available only to our portfolio companies but we are exploring making it available to a wider audience.

Vixul Partner Network (VPN)

Vixul is building the ecosystem for early-stage emerging tech services startups. We remember from our own experience how we struggled to figure out & set up the correct legal and accounting structures until two years into the journey. A first-time ETS founder is starved for cash in the early stage and overwhelmed with many new things to learn. They need help but don’t know where to seek help and how to hire the right person.

Vixul has always included consultants specializing in helping ETS founders as a part of their portfolio. We’ve always done informal introductions. Over lunch at VixulCon 2024, we had topic tables facilitated by Vixul Partners and received extremely positive feedback from the attendees on bringing together a community of experts.

As a result of this and other experiences underscoring the need for such a thing, we’re formalizing our partner program. The partnership program connects vetted service providers with ETS founders who need their help to solve a challenge. If you believe your consultancy, agency, or organization fits the profile and can deliver exceptional value to ETS founders, please send us your information here.

Vixul Continuity Fund (VCF)

Our accelerator aims to take early-stage ETS companies, build the structures necessary for their growth, and help them scale. In the process, these companies also emerge as operationally robust companies. Many of them are poised for greater, faster growth but are burdened by the reality of the cost of growth and could use funding to meet their goals.

To power our best-performing companies to achieve even more, we are launching Vixul Continuity Fund (VCF). Traditionally there’s been no ecosystem for investing in services companies that have less than $10M in revenue. Investments in such companies happen essentially through friends and family rounds.

Armed with detailed knowledge of the companies in our portfolio, we believe we can change the equation. We can identify high-performing companies and enable them to succeed. You can find out more about VCF at

Wrapping Up

VixulCon 2024 was a great event and a physical incarnation of the ecosystem we’ve built over the last two years. We are grateful to everyone who made the event successful. It is rapidly becoming a mainstay of our community building and we hope to see the event grow along with the ecosystem.

This article is a preview of the direction where we’re taking the Vixul Ecosystem. If you’d like to keep up with what we’re working on as it happens, please follow us on LinkedIn.

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